Jeff Scott Gray on The Classic Smash Radio Show tonight!

This was postponed last Monday due to electrical storms in the New Jersey area…..listen in tonight at 11pm Atlantic.

Magic Brew Studio

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Jeff Scott Gray appears courtesy of Magic Brew Music

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New Single from Shannon Rachel Rafuse is here!


No need to wait any longer as Shannon Rachel Rafuse’s follow-up single to A Little Take a Little Give has arrived!

Shannon’s new single “I Always Hoped” is here! (To listen click here)



Written by Jeff Scott Gray and co-written by Shannon herself,  this sultry, soulful, reflective anthem reminds you of Alana Myles Black Velvet.

“Adding a subtle lament and youthful exuberance to move on was quite intentional” said Jeff Scott Gray when asked about their approach to this new song:

Shannon and I were quite deliberate in wanting her second song to be about relationships and the human condition.  It is not autobiographical. When you listen to the lyrics you will see that we had a real life pattern that we wanted to emulate. Hope. Then disappointment leading to becoming reflective and learning then finally growing and resolving to move on and be strong and be the better for it having happened. Her first song, A little Take a Little Give was a joyful rendition of discovering something new and was quite innocent. We plan on writing lots of music and we are very mindful of taking the listener on a journey with us.” 

Jeff Scott Gray

Recorded at The Magic Brew Music Studio , I Always Hoped was engineered and produced by Jeff Scott Gray.  Jeff also plays all instruments on the track and sequenced the drums. Shannon Rachel Rafuse co-wrote the lyrics and made the melody pop like she always does.

She sings all vocals!

We hope you all enjoy and share!

“This train has just left the station……………”

Jeff Scott Gray



PJ MILES new single almost here!


PJ MILES was in the Magic Brew Music Studio last night with Mark MacDonald of Nowhere Road and Jeff Scott Gray finishing the basic drum track for his upcoming single, “Take the Wheel and Ride”


“PJ Miles’s follow-up single to “I Ride” is even more impactful and catchy if that’s possible! It has been fun watching as Phil developed this tune bringing new ideas to the session and jamming with Mark MacDonald and I. I think it is resulting in a great live feel and I can’t wait to finish producing the suckah for him!”

Jeff Scott Gray

Phil and Mark also laid down a foundation guitar and bass guitar track that will serve as the template for the rest of the palate to be complete.As I stated in the video I posted you can really tell these two play in a band together…they gel so well and Mark is such a great Bass player with excellent skill and feel.


Mark MacDonald-Bass Player Nowhere Road

PJ, Mark and Jeff will be back at it this Saturday afternoon and I suspect we will have 90% of the organic stuff (guitars, bass and vocals) complete. Mastering will begin early next week targeting a late week release.

Between now and Saturday when the boys come back I will be tweeking and polishing the drums!

Stay tunes it is going to be a great Country Rocker!


Jeff Scott Gray



Another creative week in the making at Magic Brew Music


I just wanted to add a quick update on the goings on here at Magic Brew Music!

This past weekend Jeff Scott Gray performed an acoustic recital at the Stewiacke Culture Showcase event The Written Word-An Evening of Poetry.

Here is the rough setlist of what I played.


On Sunday PJ Miles and Mark MacDonald were in the Magic Brew Studio to work on the drum track for PJ’s new single Take The Wheel and Drive. I must say this song is coming along fantastically!

Stay tuned we will soon start recording guitars!


And if that isn’t enough Shannon Rachel Rafuse was back in the Magic Brew Studio yesterday to record her vocal track for her new single “I Always Hoped” written by Jeff Scott Gray and co-written by Shannon with the odd piece of advice from her mom Theresa Rae (a powerful singer in her own right!)

Get in…..buckle up….this ride is just starting!

Jeff Scott Gray







(p.s. I also had a great chat with Jocelyn Parlee about starting to record her next song!)


Jeff Scott Gray on The Classic Smash Radio Show tonight!

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Thank you DJCHALLY for this great opportunity!
Jeff Scott Gray appears courtesy of Magic Brew Music

Jocelyn Parlee and Magic Brew founder team up!


Wow what a day yesterday! As you know Jocelyn Parlee had been in for a tour of the Stew a little while ago. As a result of that meeting we agreed to set up an exploratory song writing jam together.

Well yesterday we played and wrote music for 4 hours! We worked on two songs Jocelyn had been developing to see what I thought and to see what I could add. Double wow! Two fantastic original songs that I feel could be real deals!

Not only that, but Jocelyn and I officially co-wrote another single from a verse she had started to play with! I am very excited about this working relationship!

Stay tuned as we both agreed to work on all three but will start with her new Song “Say My Name” first. Once we have that one in the can we will move on to the next!

“Trust me when I say this Jocelyn’s music has real potential with great song structures, a great unique voice and hooks that will make you jump into the boat!”

Jeff Scott Gray

You Can Hear Jocelyn Parlee on:



You can Hear and see her on:



Learn more about Jocelyn at Music Nova Scotia.



Shannon Rachel Rafuse on AstroRadio January 18 at 9am!


Great news Shannon is on the radio again tomorrow morning with “A Little Take a Little Give”!

Jeff Scott Gray of Magic Brew Music!

After Pete’s Excellent ‘Morning Show’ why not stay tuned for a couple of hours of great Music, from All over the Planet.
Tomorrow’s Show includes…
The Brew, Black Rose Cadillac, Joni Fuller, Cairo Son, and some Fantastic NEW Music from … White Light Cemetery, Ryan Webb, Uncle Sid, Shannon Rafuse, & Church of the Cosmic Skull
and some ‘Absolute’ Classic Tracks from..Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Avenged Sevenfold, and lots more besides 😉

So Don’t forget 12 Noon -2pm, on Astro Radio ( U.K. Time ) 😉

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PJ Miles and Shannon Rachel Rafuse on The Fyre and Ice show tonight!

Great News both Phil and Shannon are of Neue Regel Radio’s “The Fyre and Ice Show” tonight from 8pm to 10pm EST!

Check in and listen live by clicking the Listen LIVE TUNE IN APP in the upper right hand corner of the page!

CLICK HERE to go to the radio’s page

Magic Brew Music is extremely proud tonight! Thank you to DJs Ninja and Pitbull!!!

Please tune in and share everyone!

Jeff Scott Gray


PJ Miles at Magic Brew Music with a special guest!


We had a great evening jamming last night as we continue to work on the structure of Phil’s new tune “Take the Wheel and Drive!” I must say it’s coming along very well and man did we ever find a groove thanks to having Mark MacDonald join us on BASS.

Many of you will know Mark from his great work with Local band NoWhere Road! Phil, aka PJ Miles is the lead singer for that band as well!

Mark had been out for a tour of the studio a few weeks back and Phil recruited him to lend his BASS ears to the new track.

Stay tuned folks this Follow-up to Phil’s first single “I Ride “is sure to impress!

Jeff Scott Gray


BIG WEEKEND Continues! Jeff Scott Gray and Shannon Rachel Rafuse on The Highlander!

310957_10151353137461286_188276735_nMagic Brew’s own, Jeff Scott Gray, will be featured on today’s Highlander radio broadcast on Neue-Regel Radio at 3pm EST! Tryston Blyth (AKA The Highlander) interviews Jeff discussing his top 5 albums of all time as well as spinning two of Jeff Scott Gray’s original tunes! (Wake up Call and Serf) Tryston and Jeff also discuss the on-goings at Magic Brew Music.

But that’s not all! Tryston is also presenting the international world  premier of Shannon Rachel Rafuse’s 1st single “A Little Take a Little Give“!

As you can see below it’s a great line for you all to enjoy so please  sign in…..listen……and share! 


Also when you sign in there is a chat room where other listeners and artists will be conversing please come along and chime in!

Well my friends it time once more to let you know all who is on this weeks show on at 8pm (gmt) 3pm (est) .

What a show this week I have Album of the month From Beth Blade and The Beautiful Disasters, Top 5 albums returns with an Interview with Jeff Gray, I also have the World debut of Shannon Rafuse on the show this week, ( cant wait for you guy’s to hear that ) also on this weeks show, Velvet Revolver, UGLY MELON, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, Devil City Angels, Four Colour Ghosts, Alpha Zero Three, Hoodoo Operators, Jethro Tull, Ryan Webb, Manic Bloom, Ragdoll, Saxon (Official), Seether, Shallow Side, Slade, The Almighty, The Dead Dasies, The Temperance Movement, Widetrack, Wolfmother, Black Country Communion, plus many more !!!

So I hope you all will tune in and I look forward to chatting with you all in out chat room.. The Highlander