Huge 3 Days Ahead for Magic Brew!


Wow things are happening fast with so much music on the go! Here are just a few things happening over the next few days:

I am teaching my second guitar lesson as Magic Brew Music Studio this morning. I did my first this past week! (I do skype lessons world!)

On Saturday I am being interviewed for an international radio station who’s identity I will keep secret for the moment! Suffice it to say this is very exciting as they will be featuring my top 5 albums of all time and my favorite tracks on each then playing two of my own Jeff Scott Gray originals!

On Sunday, Shannon Rachel Rafuse is back at Magic Brew Music Studio to put the wrap on her first single, “A Little Take a Little Give!” We will be doing one more touch up and mastering soon after……then on to her second song!


It doesn’t end there! On Monday afternoon Ryan G. Osborne of Poly Gecko is in the studio to give me some additional mentoring and to review a few new masters!


Finally, Monday Evening PJ Miles is in the studio as we continue to write his new single “Take the Wheel and Drive”

Is that enough? Yes! Things are going very well and I am loving every minute helping people bring their creations to life.

p.s. Oh yeah cleaning and restringing a couple of guitars too!

Jeff Scott Gray

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