Big Weekend for Magic Brew Crew!

Well thanks to a few really cool radio stations Jeff Scott Gray and Shannon Rachel Rafuse are going to get a bit of airplay this weekend!


It all starts Saturday night with Cal’s Closet! Cal will be spinning an instrumental , Whale Song, of Jeff’s and debuting Shannon’s new single “A little Take a Little Give” co-written with Jeff Scott Gray. Make sure you tune in at 6pm Eastern Standard Time! There are some other really cool artists to discover!

Thanks Cal!


Stay tuned for more exciting news about  Sunday and next Wednesday!

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Hi folks, yes I know I’m running super late with the line up for Cal’s Closet for Saturday evening January 14th at 7:00 on CFTA 107.9, but, here it is and it’s been worth waiting for!!

Jeff Gray , Jordan Musycsyn Band, Peter Trenholm, Meaghan Blanchard, Wendy MacIsaac, Carol Hawkes Carol, Chris Roumbanis, Shannon Rafuse, Brett Ryan, Dave Moore, Allan Rankin, Jake Duggan, Tom Whidden, Eric Fresia, Coco Love Alcorn and Dwayne Cote & Roger Stone

This is a great line up of local and East Coast artists and I hope you can stop by the Closet and check out the show!
As always folk, could I ask you to share this post with your friends, please?

Thanks in advance
Cal’s Closet

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