Jocelyn Parlee and Magic Brew founder team up!


Wow what a day yesterday! As you know Jocelyn Parlee had been in for a tour of the Stew a little while ago. As a result of that meeting we agreed to set up an exploratory song writing jam together.

Well yesterday we played and wrote music for 4 hours! We worked on two songs Jocelyn had been developing to see what I thought and to see what I could add. Double wow! Two fantastic original songs that I feel could be real deals!

Not only that, but Jocelyn and I officially co-wrote another single from a verse she had started to play with! I am very excited about this working relationship!

Stay tuned as we both agreed to work on all three but will start with her new Song “Say My Name” first. Once we have that one in the can we will move on to the next!

“Trust me when I say this Jocelyn’s music has real potential with great song structures, a great unique voice and hooks that will make you jump into the boat!”

Jeff Scott Gray

You Can Hear Jocelyn Parlee on:



You can Hear and see her on:



Learn more about Jocelyn at Music Nova Scotia.



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