PJ MILES new single almost here!


PJ MILES was in the Magic Brew Music Studio last night with Mark MacDonald of Nowhere Road and Jeff Scott Gray finishing the basic drum track for his upcoming single, “Take the Wheel and Ride”


“PJ Miles’s follow-up single to “I Ride” is even more impactful and catchy if that’s possible! It has been fun watching as Phil developed this tune bringing new ideas to the session and jamming with Mark MacDonald and I. I think it is resulting in a great live feel and I can’t wait to finish producing the suckah for him!”

Jeff Scott Gray

Phil and Mark also laid down a foundation guitar and bass guitar track that will serve as the template for the rest of the palate to be complete.As I stated in the video I posted you can really tell these two play in a band together…they gel so well and Mark is such a great Bass player with excellent skill and feel.


Mark MacDonald-Bass Player Nowhere Road

PJ, Mark and Jeff will be back at it this Saturday afternoon and I suspect we will have 90% of the organic stuff (guitars, bass and vocals) complete. Mastering will begin early next week targeting a late week release.

Between now and Saturday when the boys come back I will be tweeking and polishing the drums!

Stay tunes it is going to be a great Country Rocker!


Jeff Scott Gray



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