New Single from Shannon Rachel Rafuse is here!


No need to wait any longer as Shannon Rachel Rafuse’s follow-up single to A Little Take a Little Give has arrived!

Shannon’s new single “I Always Hoped” is here! (To listen click here)



Written by Jeff Scott Gray and co-written by Shannon herself,  this sultry, soulful, reflective anthem reminds you of Alana Myles Black Velvet.

“Adding a subtle lament and youthful exuberance to move on was quite intentional” said Jeff Scott Gray when asked about their approach to this new song:

Shannon and I were quite deliberate in wanting her second song to be about relationships and the human condition.  It is not autobiographical. When you listen to the lyrics you will see that we had a real life pattern that we wanted to emulate. Hope. Then disappointment leading to becoming reflective and learning then finally growing and resolving to move on and be strong and be the better for it having happened. Her first song, A little Take a Little Give was a joyful rendition of discovering something new and was quite innocent. We plan on writing lots of music and we are very mindful of taking the listener on a journey with us.” 

Jeff Scott Gray

Recorded at The Magic Brew Music Studio , I Always Hoped was engineered and produced by Jeff Scott Gray.  Jeff also plays all instruments on the track and sequenced the drums. Shannon Rachel Rafuse co-wrote the lyrics and made the melody pop like she always does.

She sings all vocals!

We hope you all enjoy and share!

“This train has just left the station……………”

Jeff Scott Gray



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