Shannon Rachel Rafuse single makes World Radio Debut on The Highlander


Shannon Rachel Rafuse’ new single, “I Always Hoped” makes its’ world radio debut today thanks to Tryston Blyth a.k.a. The Highlander and Neue Regel Radio! 

Produced , written and played by Jeff Scott Gray and Co-written by Shannon Rachel Rafuse, this soulful introspective  tune builds like a locomotive to a fantastic finish! This new effort was again recorded at The Magic Brew Music Studio engineered by Jeff Scott Gray.

When asked about this effort Jeff Scott Gray was excited:

“I continue to be amazed at the subtleties and genuine genius of Shannon’s voice styling and melody composition. I wrote this, with Shannon’s help, however she took this simple song idea to a whole new level. I am very excited for everyone to listen and share it! Our process on this was similar to A Little Take A little Give with me doing the instruments however I had this one developed on my own and she simply made it special. Working with Shannon gives me the opportunity to explore my musical roots to the fullest from rock to jazzy funk! It’s a blast!”

Jeff Scott Gray


So tune in today everyone at 4pm Eastern Standard Time to Neue Regel Radio and click the Tune In APP button or simply CLICK HERE!

Ok folks it is time i said who is on the show this week on at 9pm gmt thats 4pm est.
This week i have the brand new track from Shannon Rafuse, and a brand new band to the show Fire At Dawn, also Pythia, ElevationFalls, The Spider Accomplice, Deathtiny, LION TWIN, Veil of Mist, The Dirty Youth, Hydra Official, Rita Lynch, Cherri Bomb, Crash in Clouds, Alia Tempora, In This Moment, Kill For Eden, Lipshock, The Milk Teeth, Moriah Formica, Flyleaf, Mystica Girls, Saint Jude, SKIES, Suzanne Vega, Tequila Mockingbyrd, Breeders, DiElle, so i hope you all will join me again but until then have a great week \m/


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Shannon : Click here
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