Magic Brew Update!


Jeff Scott Gray

Well it has been a while since I posted but a lot is going on! I was away for two weeks in Mexico! Poor me!

Since that time I was the musical director for the most recent Stewiacke Culture Showcase Song writers circle performing my own songs and supporting Bob and CJ Prest, Phil Miles and Shannon Rachel Rafuse. Local Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Famer Eric Bowers. It was a great night with lots of original music including:

Jeff Scott Gray

A Breeze and A Whistle

Our Home


I Ride

Take the Wheel and Drive


Shannon Rafuse

Shannon Rachel Rafuse

A little take a little Give

I Always Hoped

I have also been busy editing The Highlander’s Top 5 Album interviews by Tryston Blyth on Spreaker!

I just finished 4 episodes to catch up from being away! Click here to listen!

Finally Joceyln Parlee and I started the recording process for her new single called Hey Baby! We are both stoked about what we have accomplished so far!


Jocelyn Parlee

And more! Tonight Shannon Rafuse, Mark Macdonald and I are getting together to continue writing Shannon’s next single!

Well there you have it! Lots on the go and more to come…..I haven’t even mentioned guitar lessons or guitar tech or writing my own new songs!Stay tuned!


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