JJ Roots on CIOE Radio this Wednesday! World premier of their new single ” Here Goes Something”



Jeff Gray and Jocelyn Parlee are proud to announce that on Wednesday,  December 13 at noon Atlantic Time they will join Bob Purcell during his show on 97.5 Community Radio and debut their new  JJ Roots single “Here Goes Something” from their upcoming 2018 album of the same name.

The duo have been busy writing new material and are currently finishing pre-production of the 2018 album.

When asked about the new material Jocelyn beamed:

“I am so proud of the songs we have created together since last Spring! Jeff and I have such different backgrounds and this is culminating in really interesting and innovative music! I can’t wait for our album to be finished!”


Jocelyn Parlee

When asked about collaborating with Jocelyn, Jeff extolled her musical expression:

“Working with Jocelyn has been a joy. Her roots and country background is so different from my own. I am a rock guy,” He laughs. “Our song writing processes are different yet we are able to combine our talents to create music we otherwise never would. It’s so much fun!”

jeff hat

Jeff Scott Gray

So tune in this Wednesday at 12:00 pm Atlantic to CIOE by going to their website:

http://www.communityradio.ca/ or simply clicking here! (Click me)


Magic Brew Studio is proud that JJ Roots new album will be recorded right here! Stay tuned!