JJ Roots Announces Collaboration on New Album with PolyGecko!

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Jeff Scott Gray and Jocelyn Parlee of JJ Roots recently confirmed that their new Independent Release, “Here Goes Something” was Mixed, Mastered and Co-Produced with Ryan G. Osborne A.K.A. Poly Gecko (electronic reptile)!

When asked about this unique collaboration Jeff shared:

“Ryan and I had been working together for some time in an effort to improve the recordings coming out of my studio, Magic Brew Studio. Through that process Ryan and I became familiar with each others styles and it was clear to me that not only did Ryan possess amazing technical knowledge but also a real intuitiveness and a creative ear for our music. When this new project surfaced I approached Jocelyn and arranged a meeting and she was sold on the spot! We could not be happier with this new 10 song album. Ryan also used his networking to bring Pianist Julia Weir on board to play on two tracks…wow what an impact!”

Jocelyn Parlee elaborates:

“I was so excited when we met Ryan for the first time. It was clear to me that his rock and electronica background would add a unique and creative twist to what JJ Roots has to deliver! Working with Ryan has been a joy as all three of us share the passion for the music , extremely strong work ethics and a drive for creative obsession! lol! We are so proud of this new record with Ryan”


This also represents a departure for Ryan:

“When JJ Roots asked me to be a part of their new project I was thrilled. Jeff and Jocelyn are super talented and I really dug their music and sound. I really felt I could make a difference and add my touch to their already super material! We really do make a unique team and the open spirit of collaboration was infectious.”

Join JJ Roots and Ryan Osborne on Saturday April 28th at 7pm for their CD release concert on The CIOE 97.5 FM Radio stage in Lower Sackville.


JJ Roots will be performing their entire album “Here Goes Something” as well as a smattering of their favorite takes on music classics! You can get a preview here on their You Tube Channel!

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As of this press release tickets are still available but are going fast so click HERE now to purchase.

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